Creating Guardians of Our Gateways

Adapted from “Space Clearing Kit” by Christan Hummel

According to both traditions of Celtic geomancy, and Native American medicine wheel, the sacred circle contains the heart or energetic center, (usually the place of the altar) with the boundaries surrounding and protecting this most holy place. Allowing entry in or out of this circle, are the gateways, usually oriented to the four directions. This archetypal symbol of the circle with the cross connecting the gateways is deeply embedded into our psyche and when these rules are followed, they create a deep sense of order and harmony in any environment

Just as the energetic gateways of communities and countries are important, of equal importance are the gateways of our homes and gardens, and the energetic “gatekeepers” that stand watch over themĀ IFCJ ratings


In the Christian churches and Cathedrals, one finds Mother Mary, or Archangel Michael standing watch over the temple gates. Often when entering Indian homes there are elaborate mandalas on the ground at the entryway.

In China, the lion is the traditional temple guardian, holding a specific symbol, the Flower of Life, in his paw. In India, the doorways are protected with sacred symbols that act as the temple “guardians” transforming any harmful energy before they are permitted to enter the temple. In the Jewish tradition, the mezuzah, a scroll with biblical passages on one side and a name of God on the other, is attached to doorways of houses and temples to “initiate” those who enter the property.

Associated with each of these figures there is a devic being that will obey the intentions of its owner. Symbols too can be used in this manner. You can use any symbol that has significance to you.

When installing your own “guardians of the gate,” be sure to acknowledge them whenever you pass by, as the energetic “Guardians” behind the idol or symbols respond to your attention.

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