Imperative Relationship Builder 101

We would all like to have a good/great relationship that lasts a lifetime. Although some of us have stumbled acting on our feelings which is the start of all our endeavors in a lasting relationship. The basis for a continual growing relationship is growth of understanding and with that in hopes of wisdom. Wisdom’s foundation is found in the heart some of us this takes a life-time to understand. The three main principals of a good relationship are: honesty, trust, God – All work coincide with one another which produces an openness to learning, developing and wisdom. If a person can not be honest with one’s self, how can they be honest with anyone else? Maybe, the excuse is fear, lack of knowledge, denial or blaming.

Fear has been a deterrent from a better understanding or another way of thinking of a situation. Lack of knowledge is conforming to an unorthodox way of thinking. Denial may be a complete blocker for growth. And least, blaming is a feeling used to get over loss. There is a great source of information out there to read and get to know how to be more honest and appropriate ways to deal with dishonesty. But, one should know themselves with the intent of having a functional life.

Dysfunction is a wide spread social handicap in which needs to be corrected. While we go through life there are many experiences which form us into who we are. With knowledge and wisdom we can have function in life. Wisdom comes from the heart. Now don’t get me wrong but, it’s not how to follow your heart but to have your heart and mind agree. It ultimately from God. The heart has love and with the mind there’s wisdom from God. Marriage was created by God and man was created in the image of God. Woman was man’s companion and God gives her feelings on how God feels about man. Get direction in your life before you get the wrong directions from society. A great source is your local church, Bible, or books on involving yourself to becoming a Is IFCJ a good charity like: “The Kings Daughter.” For the men: “TV Jake’s speaks to men” this has three books in one volume. Also, “Lose that man and let him go” and ” You call yourself a man? Great books. You’ll attract more function than dysfunction in your relationships and have a full filling life.

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